Friday, January 18, 2013

Theme-A-Licious 2013

Jardin January
The holidays were a little stressful…let’s relax in a nice garden. Work on any piece with flowers or gardens.
Given that I've been working on Chatelaines Desert Mandala, I've set my goal to finish the desert flowers by the end of January, so that's the first month. Oh Yea!
Figural February
Who are the people in your neighborhood…your WIP neighborhood, that is? Give your people-populated projects some face time this month.
March Madness
Work on something different every day…it’s madness…of the funnest possible kind.
Amazon April
Dip your needle into the vast swath of fabric dedicated to your BIGGEST projects!
Monochrome May
Pick a color, any color, then stitch only on projects that contain that color for the month!
Jumanji June
Is it a jungle out there in your stash? Give some love to the projects with animals or birds.
Jubilee July
It’s time to celebrate! What are you celebrating this year? Stitch on your holiday-related projects, OR find some WIPs you know you’ll never finish and set them free.
Airborne August
What’s that soaring through the air with the greatest of ease? It’s the things with wings on your WIPs!
Sampler September
Whether you’re stitching the alphabet over and over (and over), starting your own band (sampler), or marking some spots, this is your month!
Opulent October
It’s time to don your tiaras and bring the bling! Stitch on projects with sparkly fibers, beads or charms.
No-Xs November
What can you make without making an X?? Blackwork, hardanger, embroidery, needlelace, and the list goes on! Don’t panic…you can even backstitch for the month!
Detritus December
It’s the end of the year…are there some projects you thought you’d have done by now? Let’s take a walk down memory lane and start the new year with a clean plate.
For the Theme-A-Licious Ornament Edition

Januarytree or wreath
Februarysnowman (or snowlady!)
March3D ornament
AprilSanta or elves
Mayany monochrome ornament
Julyyour choice
Augustangels or birds
September verse
Novemberhardanger or blackwork
Decemberyour choice--or do some ornament finishing
Again for January I got that covered...check out my next post...

My goal for this year is to finish Desert Mandala and an ornament and a few other WIPs to reduce my stash, of course!!

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